Hello Expanded Practice!!


Hello expanded practice!

I got in to my first choice which is Territories and Boundaries!! Before todays’ unit briefing I thought the unit will be focusing on political issues and urban planning. However, I found out that it means far more than that.

Normally when people heard the term ‘Territories and Boundaries’ they will immediately think of gates, border line etc. but it can also mean as the invisible block hidden in street, such as where can be enter and where can not. This leads me to an idea of personal space.

┬áIn my opinions, psychologically personal space means the invisible ‘owned’ area in a certain area around the person, it is flexible depends on the size of the environment. For example, When the stranger come really close to you on the street, you will consciously keep the distance with him immediately and perhaps feel offensive as well.

For further development, I will define the term – personal space in psychological way and observe how people behave in public area.

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