Finishing up 1st cut video


At this stage, the 1st cut video is finally done.

As the main purpose of the video is to record the interview so I did not plan to make it like a Hollywood movie, in stead I plan to create it as simple as it can be. The style of the video will be a collection of interviewee sharing their stories. By following tutorial videos in youtube and Adobe official website, I am able to edit the video as I planned.

I found it more difficult than I imagine. I wasn’t sure if the clips is smooth enough to play and I found difficult choosing the right clip to put in the video as I wanted to put many of them but the video will be too long in result.

After it exported and played as a movie, I found a few problems to solve. First of all, the overall  colour tone is not balanced, as the clips are taken in different place so the light contrast are different. Secondly, the sound volume level is not unify; some with background noise and some are louder than other clips. Therefore, I will solve both contrast and volume problem by using Adobe Premiere.


Learn Adobe Premium


As an interior and spatial design student, normally I would not have chance to use and learn timeline-based video editing programs so it is something new to me. To start with, I searched online which program is more handy for a beginner and the result is iMovie and Adobe Premium.

  Image 5: Adobe Premium screenshot

Compare two programs, I decided to use Adobe Premium as main video editing program. It allows me to multitask while editing video by showing them on different sessions which means I will have a clear vision on how to edit the video.

  Image 6: iMovie screenshot

iMovie is indeed suitable for beginner as it simplify lots of effects into buttons, all I have to do is just a click a button however it is also why I decided not to use it; as they are all pre-program so it means it may somehow limited the way I edit the video.

After I decided which program to use as main tool, I watched tutorial clips from Adobe website and youtube. I gained techniques by observing how others edit their videos and tried to apply in mine step by step.

Image 7: Adobe screenshot

Video storyboards


Before start filming I created 2 storyboards, from them I have a clear vision on how to film the interviewee, what is it going to look like and estimate what kind of problem I need to fix. I predicted if I show all the interviewees in one video it will end up around 10 minutes or more, therefore I will only edit around 3 to 4 interviewees in the work.

According to the concrete plan, the interview will take place in a room with black wall as a background, participants will have to sit on a chair and face to camera. I will need 2 cameras, 2 stands, extra batteries and light during shooting.

The idea is to show each interviewee by order. They will be answering questions and share their stories about childhood and their moodiness. Between each section, clips will fade out black and fade in showing the next interviewee. From this manner, audiences can easily classify each interviewee’s personality and analysis their psychological states from focusing on their body language and speak tone. However, as it is too simple audiences might lost interest on it if the video is too long.

My second concept is slight different compare with the first one. Participants can choose where they want to film and how they are filmed as long as they feel comfortable. For example, participant A can request standing next to the wall at home during filming. I will need 2 cameras, 2 stands, extra batteries and light ( if necessity) for shooting. In stead of showing each interviewee in order, I will mixed the clips and classify them in different sections depends on the question I asked. In this case, in each section will show the tension between participants however it may confuses the audiences a bit.

After compare 2 storyboards, I decided to use the second idea. I believe it will be more interesting when each section shows different participants’ personality and it forms a tension between. Moreover, I believe it will be more challenging than the first idea and it is what I aimed for in this project, to challenge myself and gain skills apart from Interior and spatial design.


Royal Academy of Arts – Jasper Johns and Dali


”In my early work, I tried to hide my personality, my psychological state, my emotions. This was partly due to my feelings about myself and party due to my feelings about painting at the time. I sort of stuck to my guns for a while but eventually it seemed like a losing battle. Finally one must simply drop the reserve.” – Jasper Johns

As I begin to experiment different format of media to record my interviewee’s emotion and psychological state, I have begin to realized the importance of one’s drawing, handwritings and body language. Jasper Johns and Salvador Dalí are well known as painter and their creativity.

Image 4: Jasper Johns (1985)

The art work above is created by Jasper Johns, I understand it as a collection of memories in four seasons. Emotions can easily tell from the location, color and light and shadow of the human body. Human body in the left and right painting are different compare with the other two in the middle, they are conceal with rain and snow and the color tone of the drawing are slightly darker as well. To me, it show a sense of blue and ‘wish to not been seen’ like atmosphere.

”What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in order to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdads of his dreams to rise from the dust.” – Salvador Dalí

Video: Eric Randall (2011)

This work is created by a surrealist artist – Salvador Dali who was highly imaginative. In the video, stories were told to some kind of commentators by a man who lay down on a chair. It was a dream, an unrealistic dream. The work present as a interview-like scene combine with few sight of ‘the dream’. I am inspire by it, I believe by editing video I am able to present people’s deep thought on screen.



Play a role as psychologist, understanding graphology


I begin to explore methods of recording one’s emotions and psychological states, I have got few words pop up in my mind: live performance, drawings and psychologist. I looked back on my journey of Expanded Practice, I realized it was all about psychology studies and observation, which I wish to develop more on it. Therefore, I choose to play a role as a psychologist for this project.

To start with, I created a consent form for the interviewees to agree and knowledge with the studies in this project.

According to research, the participant will have to complete a personal detail form and a test called MMPI psychological test (The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) form provided by psychologist, the test was designed to help identify personal, social, and behavioral problems in psychiatric patients. After analysing the test, they will begin the discussion. In order to understand more about the interviewee’s psychological state, I then created a form based on MMPI psychological test by using Adobe Indesign.

From the study about emotion development last week, I understand that on both emotion and psychology states are high related with participant’s childhood. Therefore, during the  interview we will talk about their childhoods and how does it influence the state now.

“Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience and written words the symbols of spoken words; just as all men have not the same speech sounds, so all men have not the same writing.” – Stephen King (1994) 

Along with the research, I discovered a term named Graphology. King (1994) explained ‘Graphology is the study and systematic analysis of handwriting, based on the theory that handwriting is an expression.’ He also mentioned ”Handwriting reveals the personality in depth at the time of writing, basing the interpretation on the analysis of more than 300 different handwriting characteristics”. King believes that people’s emotions can be ‘read’ from ‘body language’, from handwriting, graphologist can provide an analysis of the main aspects of the writer’s personality. For example, large size handwriting can understand as the writer has a outgoing personality or a act of confidence. Small size handwriting can logically means the opposite, the writer has a shy personality or a act of lack confidence. More cases are shown in below image.

Image 3: King (1994)

From the studies, I understand that observing the interviewee’s body language, behaviour, handwriting as well as the communication between us are the key method to understand their emotions and psychological states. Through the form they completed, I can analysis their personality from their signature, handwriting as well as MMIP test. I will be filming the interview for referencing and documentation.



Do people examine others based on their appearance before they communicate with each other? Can all those unsure answers cause people keep distance with each other?

According to Kelly’s (1955) corollary states that ” to the extent that one person construes the construction processes of another, he may play a role in the social process involving the other persons.”

which means that individuals play a social role by understanding the expectations of others. People will knowledge others based on their appearance and link to the milieu. Yet, Bachkirova and Cox (2007) argued ‘there is no pure cognition; it is always brushed with emotion: “Everything that is real is emotional, the rational is our subsequent linguistically structured elaboration of that reality.” (Buck, 1991, p.136) In my opinion, how people see the society and people, are constructed based on their emotion, which influence the way they think and the way they behave.

Video 2: CarlsbergBe (2011)

The video is created by Carlsberg, they managed 148 bikers sit in a movie theatre in Belgium and see will the couples take their sits when the room is packed of bikers. Some innocent couples want to take their seat but some refused and go away, the video ends up celebrating for those who is willing to accept siting with the bikers. The video is so powerful that it pointed out the stereotyping phenomenon happening in the society and it also proved the two statement above: people judge others based on appearances  and decide to communicate with them or not, there is no pure cognition, it is always brushed with emotion. 

Image 2: BarlsbergBe (2011) screen shoot

But how does emotion developed? Carolyn (2011) mentioned ‘The caregiver-child relationship established the foundation for the development of emotional skills, and sets the stage for future social relationships… The development of emotional competence skills is a developmental process such that a particular skill manifests differently at different age.’

Can this emotion being record though media?

Trip in Ladbroke Grove


Today I went to Ladbroke Grove at 10:30 to around 4, there has a huge market selling clothes, furnitures, dinning sets, foods and antiques. Apart from central London, there so many things happening in the same time yet somehow they are all related to each other in someway.

I started looking at how people participated themselves in public environment as I planed last week. I realize no matter where I go, they will still keep the distance with the strangers and start focusing on their own thing. Some of them were eating, few of them just seems enjoying the time of their own,  listening to music and enjoying the sun. However, although they were not doing the same thing they still have one thing in common, there are lack of emotion information from their facial expression.

From their appearance, few of them having earphones on which seems to me they are isolating themselves with the ‘outside world’ and creating boundaries between their ‘own world’ and the reality. They were stoping people to disturb them.

This makes me curious about what were their psychological state, what were they thinking, how did they feel, why keeping themselves away from the ‘outside’ world?

( Two live drawings done in Ladbroke Grove )