Trip in Ladbroke Grove


Today I went to Ladbroke Grove at 10:30 to around 4, there has a huge market selling clothes, furnitures, dinning sets, foods and antiques. Apart from central London, there so many things happening in the same time yet somehow they are all related to each other in someway.

I started looking at how people participated themselves in public environment as I planed last week. I realize no matter where I go, they will still keep the distance with the strangers and start focusing on their own thing. Some of them were eating, few of them just seems enjoying the time of their own,  listening to music and enjoying the sun. However, although they were not doing the same thing they still have one thing in common, there are lack of emotion information from their facial expression.

From their appearance, few of them having earphones on which seems to me they are isolating themselves with the ‘outside world’ and creating boundaries between their ‘own world’ and the reality. They were stoping people to disturb them.

This makes me curious about what were their psychological state, what were they thinking, how did they feel, why keeping themselves away from the ‘outside’ world?

( Two live drawings done in Ladbroke Grove )

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