Do people examine others based on their appearance before they communicate with each other? Can all those unsure answers cause people keep distance with each other?

According to Kelly’s (1955) corollary states that ” to the extent that one person construes the construction processes of another, he may play a role in the social process involving the other persons.”

which means that individuals play a social role by understanding the expectations of others. People will knowledge others based on their appearance and link to the milieu. Yet, Bachkirova and Cox (2007) argued ‘there is no pure cognition; it is always brushed with emotion: “Everything that is real is emotional, the rational is our subsequent linguistically structured elaboration of that reality.” (Buck, 1991, p.136) In my opinion, how people see the society and people, are constructed based on their emotion, which influence the way they think and the way they behave.

Video 2: CarlsbergBe (2011)

The video is created by Carlsberg, they managed 148 bikers sit in a movie theatre in Belgium and see will the couples take their sits when the room is packed of bikers. Some innocent couples want to take their seat but some refused and go away, the video ends up celebrating for those who is willing to accept siting with the bikers. The video is so powerful that it pointed out the stereotyping phenomenon happening in the society and it also proved the two statement above: people judge others based on appearances  and decide to communicate with them or not, there is no pure cognition, it is always brushed with emotion. 

Image 2: BarlsbergBe (2011) screen shoot

But how does emotion developed? Carolyn (2011) mentioned ‘The caregiver-child relationship established the foundation for the development of emotional skills, and sets the stage for future social relationships… The development of emotional competence skills is a developmental process such that a particular skill manifests differently at different age.’

Can this emotion being record though media?

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