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I begin to explore methods of recording one’s emotions and psychological states, I have got few words pop up in my mind: live performance, drawings and psychologist. I looked back on my journey of Expanded Practice, I realized it was all about psychology studies and observation, which I wish to develop more on it. Therefore, I choose to play a role as a psychologist for this project.

To start with, I created a consent form for the interviewees to agree and knowledge with the studies in this project.

According to research, the participant will have to complete a personal detail form and a test called MMPI psychological test (The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) form provided by psychologist, the test was designed to help identify personal, social, and behavioral problems in psychiatric patients. After analysing the test, they will begin the discussion. In order to understand more about the interviewee’s psychological state, I then created a form based on MMPI psychological test by using Adobe Indesign.

From the study about emotion development last week, I understand that on both emotion and psychology states are high related with participant’s childhood. Therefore, during the  interview we will talk about their childhoods and how does it influence the state now.

“Spoken words are the symbols of mental experience and written words the symbols of spoken words; just as all men have not the same speech sounds, so all men have not the same writing.” – Stephen King (1994) 

Along with the research, I discovered a term named Graphology. King (1994) explained ‘Graphology is the study and systematic analysis of handwriting, based on the theory that handwriting is an expression.’ He also mentioned ”Handwriting reveals the personality in depth at the time of writing, basing the interpretation on the analysis of more than 300 different handwriting characteristics”. King believes that people’s emotions can be ‘read’ from ‘body language’, from handwriting, graphologist can provide an analysis of the main aspects of the writer’s personality. For example, large size handwriting can understand as the writer has a outgoing personality or a act of confidence. Small size handwriting can logically means the opposite, the writer has a shy personality or a act of lack confidence. More cases are shown in below image.

Image 3: King (1994)

From the studies, I understand that observing the interviewee’s body language, behaviour, handwriting as well as the communication between us are the key method to understand their emotions and psychological states. Through the form they completed, I can analysis their personality from their signature, handwriting as well as MMIP test. I will be filming the interview for referencing and documentation.

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