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Before start filming I created 2 storyboards, from them I have a clear vision on how to film the interviewee, what is it going to look like and estimate what kind of problem I need to fix. I predicted if I show all the interviewees in one video it will end up around 10 minutes or more, therefore I will only edit around 3 to 4 interviewees in the work.

According to the concrete plan, the interview will take place in a room with black wall as a background, participants will have to sit on a chair and face to camera. I will need 2 cameras, 2 stands, extra batteries and light during shooting.

The idea is to show each interviewee by order. They will be answering questions and share their stories about childhood and their moodiness. Between each section, clips will fade out black and fade in showing the next interviewee. From this manner, audiences can easily classify each interviewee’s personality and analysis their psychological states from focusing on their body language and speak tone. However, as it is too simple audiences might lost interest on it if the video is too long.

My second concept is slight different compare with the first one. Participants can choose where they want to film and how they are filmed as long as they feel comfortable. For example, participant A can request standing next to the wall at home during filming. I will need 2 cameras, 2 stands, extra batteries and light ( if necessity) for shooting. In stead of showing each interviewee in order, I will mixed the clips and classify them in different sections depends on the question I asked. In this case, in each section will show the tension between participants however it may confuses the audiences a bit.

After compare 2 storyboards, I decided to use the second idea. I believe it will be more interesting when each section shows different participants’ personality and it forms a tension between. Moreover, I believe it will be more challenging than the first idea and it is what I aimed for in this project, to challenge myself and gain skills apart from Interior and spatial design.


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