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As an interior and spatial design student, normally I would not have chance to use and learn timeline-based video editing programs so it is something new to me. To start with, I searched online which program is more handy for a beginner and the result is iMovie and Adobe Premium.

  Image 5: Adobe Premium screenshot

Compare two programs, I decided to use Adobe Premium as main video editing program. It allows me to multitask while editing video by showing them on different sessions which means I will have a clear vision on how to edit the video.

  Image 6: iMovie screenshot

iMovie is indeed suitable for beginner as it simplify lots of effects into buttons, all I have to do is just a click a button however it is also why I decided not to use it; as they are all pre-program so it means it may somehow limited the way I edit the video.

After I decided which program to use as main tool, I watched tutorial clips from Adobe website and youtube. I gained techniques by observing how others edit their videos and tried to apply in mine step by step.

Image 7: Adobe screenshot

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