Finishing up 1st cut video


At this stage, the 1st cut video is finally done.

As the main purpose of the video is to record the interview so I did not plan to make it like a Hollywood movie, in stead I plan to create it as simple as it can be. The style of the video will be a collection of interviewee sharing their stories. By following tutorial videos in youtube and Adobe official website, I am able to edit the video as I planned.

I found it more difficult than I imagine. I wasn’t sure if the clips is smooth enough to play and I found difficult choosing the right clip to put in the video as I wanted to put many of them but the video will be too long in result.

After it exported and played as a movie, I found a few problems to solve. First of all, the overallĀ  colour tone is not balanced, as the clips are taken in different place so the light contrast are different. Secondly, the sound volume level is not unify; some with background noise and some are louder than other clips. Therefore, I will solve both contrast and volume problem by using Adobe Premiere.


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