Idea selection


After the video is done, I started to implement the ideas show in drafts.

Image 10: idea draft scan

My first idea is to project the video on the wall and play as it is. The second idea shows the documents and a radio on top of the table, the concept is to play radio instead of video which allows audience to focus on the document and interviewee’s voice. The third idea is a extension of idea 1, the concept is to stick the documents on the wall and project the video on it. The final idea is to project a video on a drawing that shows different brush strokes which represents different character.

I agree that idea 2 is a different method of showing ideas compare with other ideas. Displaying a video or a audio makes differences, the amount of information that audience received will not be equal. ‘Television provide an experience which is not possible with radio, it also structures one’s awareness of time, space, and sound in ways that are simply not possible in ordinary experience… In a straightforward way, television provides avenues of expression not available on radio.’ stated by Kaha, C. (2015) I believe when the audience listen to the radio it is all about the imagination of the time, space and the outline of the interviewee.  It is true that the radio can not show the facial expression but the video can. Therefore, I decided to abandon this idea as I hope the audience can focus on interviewee’s facial expression as well.

Compare the rest concepts, I decided to have a further development based on idea 1 and 4 as idea 3 is sort of losing focus when the video is overlapping with document, the audience will not able to see clearly what is written on documents.


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