Idea testing


With the concept plan as a foundation, more ideas had been expended. Firstly, I created collages to estimate the outlook of design.

Image 11: Collage 

The idea is to hang platforms¬† in front of the wall and project video on it. It is inspire by Jasper Johns, when the video projects on both blocks and wall,¬† layers will be created. The idea comes from ‘the personal space zones’; refer to that there are 2 main fact in the theory, ‘intimate space’ and ‘outer-space’. The projections project on platforms represent the ‘intimate space’ and the projections on the wall represents the ‘outer-space’.

As I begin with material testing, I used two different material, acrylic board and white card. The light goes through the acrylic board as its transparency is really high, yet a light shadow of acrylic board will still project on the wall. On the other hand, the white card performed a really clear image and solid shadow reflected on the wall. I prefer the solid result as the layers are clearly defined which seems to be a boundary protecting the ‘intimate space’ that not allowing anyone to enter.

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