Idea testing 2 – audience play role as psychologist


I played a role as a psychologist and studied emotions, personal space and psychological state of a human in this project. I hope that audiences can play a role as a psychologist as well, and understand the participant’s emotions and thoughts. Therefore apart from projecting the video to wall I also want to display the documents that the interviewees complete, from it, audience can study their unique handwriting and receive more information outside the video. Therefore, I decided to display documents on top of the table and place it under where the video projected. Audience are able to enjoy the video and the document at the same time.

 Image 12: Collage

Soon enough, I discovered a major problem. If I want to project on the wall, the projector will need to keep a distance, which when the audience get close to the documents the shadow will reflect to the wall.

Image 13: Idea draft scan

I solve this problem by changing the location of the display object. If I place the projector on the table together with the documents and keep a distance with the wall, audiences are able to read the documents along with the video.

Image 14: Collage

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