Today, I hold a mini-exhibition in room A336 at Chelsea College of Arts which is a great success. I presented the work nearly just as I planed, the scale are bit different as I have to adjust it based on the environment.

During the exhibition, people were watching the video and reading the documents and I was explaining the idea, lucky they understand most of the meaning before I explain it properly. I believed the reason why the exhibition went well because of the experience of material testing. From it, I can estimate what could went wrong, what should I prepare and how to solve the problem. Therefore, I am well-prepare to present the work. I also got some positive feedback.

 Image 15: Exhibition record video screenshot 

There are few things I can improve for the future. Firstly, I choose pick the right period of time to hold exhibition as I present it during lunch time so there are not as much people as I expected. Secondly, considering the audio play from the projector which sounds differently compare with playing audio from laptop, I should add English subtitle in the video to avoid problems.

It is a good experience to me, I believe I can hold a better exhibition in the future.

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Hi, I am studying BA Interior and Spatial design in Chelsea college of Arts.

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