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As a student, my designer’s eye and skills are still developing. This unit allows me to expand my mind and knowledge outside my comfort zone. At first, I thought Territories and Boundaries project will be focusing on political issues and urban planning until I had a conversation with textile and graphics students, I never thought the term ‘Boundaries’ can be define in so many ways. For me, I decided to expend the knowledge of boundaries among people in a psychological way.

Through out this unit, I realized boundaries are everywhere in our daily life; they can be in any forms, some are visible such as gates, walls and doors, some are invisible such as ‘personal space’, relationship and street code. For this project, I aimed to discover participant’s psychological states and emotion when they are alone. Therefore, I set up questions for them to fill in and interview for them to share their stories. In order to study their facial expression and emotions, I have learnt some psychology knowledge and graphology. For example, one’s emotion development is based on their childhood as a foundation, the environment and people around them are highly affected how they behave in future and their psychology state. I have also learnt how to edit videos by using Adobe Premiere for the outcome.

I enjoy myself in this unit, it provides me opportunities to express my work in different method apart from making models and floor plans.  I am pound of myself for stepping out my comfort zone and try making something new, which I thought the outcome will end up as a disaster but it turns out better than I expected. As my work is a research based project therefore I repeatedly working on analysis, experiment and observation and this pattern had slowly influence my mind set. I started to focus on detail things that I would not normally pay attention on and discover new things everyday, such as the texture of material, gaps between the bricks and try to find out how things are made. The pattern also helps me with other studio work, it strengths my sense of material and observe more information from details, also being curious on the object’s story and its purpose.

Writing blog is like a public fieldnote to me. It records how a single question being developed to become a research and video, it is also a memo that allows me to reflect my work. I understand that a lot of processes, reflections, researches, material testings, questioning and analysis have to be done in order to success. I learnt that never afraid of making mistakes as it always lead you to some interesting result. For my future project, I hope I can design a space that is functional and meet inhibitions’ psychological needs. Furthermore, I enjoyed myself trying new method to present my idea in which I challenge myself to use different method or add more elements such as digital media to define and structure space for my future project.


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